๐Ÿ‡ถ๐Ÿ‡ฆData Availablity

https://testnet.wbtc-chain.com/graphiql Trustlessness is a major premise of public blockchains ("don't trust, verify"). One of the ways Btc Network reduces trust assumptions is by enforcing rules on data availability. Block producers are required to publish the data for each block, which nodes participating in Btc's consensus store locally.

All nodes on the Btc network execute the transactions in blocks they receive from peers to ensure that the changes proposed by a block producer precisely match those computed independently by the node. This is how nodes verify that new information is valid, rather than having to trust that block producers are honest. This is not possible if any data is missing.

Data availability is important because if we canโ€™t reproduce something with the data we have available, from the blockchainโ€™s perspective, it does not exist. Access to a block's data enables validating nodes to trustless replay transactions using their version of Btc world state and independently verify the correctness of each block

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